NJ Graphic Designer

Let me help YOU get noticed…

Let me extract photos for your website, create banner ads for websites,  or create your print advertising (newspaper ads, brochures, business cards).

I use Photoshop to extract images for websites, t-shirt designs, or e-commerce shopping carts. I have extracted countless images, then made them into silhouettes to create hundreds of designs seen on GymnasticsTees.com and PortersGifts.com. I also extracted many images for other businesses to use in their shopping cart systems.

I have designed everything on www.PortersGifts.com, www.GymnasticsTees.com, www.KarenGoeller.com.  I also create book covers, post cards, business cards, flyers, and many additional products. Check out some of my work here or let me show you my portfolio in person. I am in NJ.


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